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Rolf & Ashley Wedding
Vineyard Wedding Venue
Beautiful Vineyard Venue
Vineyard Event Location
Outdoor Tent Wedding Venue
Ciaran & Kelsey Wedding
Rustic Dinning Hall
Ciaran & Kelsey Wedding
Kevin & Alyssa Wedding
Maddison & Matthew Wedding
Adam & Marissa Wedding
Matthew & Maddison Wedding
Rolf & Ashley Wedding
Ciaran & Kelsey Wedding
Matthew & Maddison Wedding
Adam & Marisa Wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide me a quote?

Package pricing can be provided. Share your vision with us! 

Can we rent out your space past midnight?

As of right now, due to by-laws the event needs to end by mid-night. Following this we allow for 1 additional hour to clean and pack up so you and your guests can keep partying right up until mid-night.

Do you offer wedding favours?

We have jars of honey to fit the garden/nature theme of our venue. They can be priced out upon request.

There are other great ideas we have that are money savers. Just ask us.

Do we count vendors as guests?

It is customary to provide meals for any vendor such as officiants, photographers, bartenders etc that stay throughout the ceremony and reception. Therefore, they would be added to your guest count. 

Check your contract as some vendors require this and have specific notes to their meals. 

How does the bar work?

We have two options:

1) "Bring-Your-Own-Bar" This means you supply it all. (Liquor, beer, glassware, liquor license, certified bartender). There is a corkage fee of $8.50/Adult, and $4.00/youth.

2) "Venue Bar" This means we supply it all. (Liquor, mix, beer, glassware, liquor license, certified bartender). We start with $500 down to secure the liquor, and bartender for the date. This also includes the first 100 drinks. After that it is $6/drink that will be invoiced after the event. 

In both cases, other bridal couples have supplemented bar costs by having a "toonie-bar."

Can we have a band?

What fun! We've had plenty of events with bands and the sound is wonderful! We can certainly accommodate whatever form of entertainment you choose. Be sure that whether it be a band or a DJ, they bring their own equipment and have insurance.

When can we book a tour?

We offer complimentary private tours Mon-Thurs Noon-6pm. They can take anywhere from 1-2hours to complete depending on location and questions. Weekend tours available upon special request. Contact us to book your tour now.

Didn't Find what you were looking for? Contact Us now and help us grow our FAQ's with any questions you may have.
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